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Ideas for my 2D game…

My Game is still in very early stages and i am still coming up with ideas of what it should be about. Here are some of my ideas

- D&D style of character creation

- Thriller style of story

- sprite style of cutscenes

I am looking for help with the project :) if you are interested just message me :) all work will be credited 

falconead asked
Hey bro, how's your zombie survival game going? Found anyone yet?

Hey :) sorry its been sooo long since my zombie game, I am starting a new project for a 2D game. I am looking for partners for the project or people to help contribute :) do you know anyone who would be interested?

Need Video Game Concept Art !!!

Hello, I am interested in starting a video game but I am lacking artistic abilities to draw concept art :) this Is a non profitable game and all art and things/ characters based on art will get credit. Looking forward to start :)


I am looking to start a 2D video game. looking for partners or people who would like to contribute : ) Im nice and friendly and just learning the fundamentals of video game design :) Plz message if you would like to join :D open to all ideas :D

my render of a glass cup with water from start to finish :) feedback? and any ideas for future models